The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show/Festival INC.- 501(c)(3)

Where it all began

Where it all began

Where it all began

 "The  Latin Jazz and Salsa Show" 

Was created and first produced on April 6,  2005, in the City of Richmond, Virginia, as the Latin Jazz Show.  Initially,  Luis "Sweet  Lou" Hidalgo was interested in buying advertising time on a local radio  station in the Richmond area for Master and Sons Plumbing. While he was inquiring about buying  advertising time, Mr. Brown  Sweet lou suggested that , but he should host a show!  With out any radio experience under his belt, but a  substantial knowledge of Latin music, Mr. Hidalgo decided to take on  this new venture, and so the Latin Jazz Show was created 

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Who We Are

Where it all began

Where it all began

"Sweet Lou" Hidalgo

Michael "Miguelito el Guido" LeBron

Willie Rodriguez "Don Pepin De La Salsa"

Robert & Gloria (Torrens)-Billings

Evelyn Lopez

Kawand Jasper

Willikin Estremera 

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Friday Shows

Ask GIG 4PM to 5PM 

La GIG 5PM to 6PM

The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show


Sweet Lou & Miguelito

6 PM to 10 PM

Saturday Show  

WHAP Radio

96.9 FM & 1340 AM

12:30 to 3:30 PM

What We Do

Where it all began

What We Do

Recognizing our community leaders and heroes and bringing community services and programs through Food drive. Book drives, Blanket drives and Dance classes, Which includes music and cultural exchange. And have been giving back to the community with the summer ending 

"The Best Latin Jazz and Salsa Festivals since 2006"

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Festival Proud Sponsors


Rosie’s Gaming Emporium believes in the strength of our local community, and are excited to take a leadership role in the area’s development.

A proud sponsor of this year's Gala and Festival!  Looking forward to being a partner in the enrichment of the community!

Master and Sons Plumbing

Master and Sons Plumbing

Master and Sons Plumbing


Family-owned and operated

"We are proud to be a 12 year sponsor and supporter of this great event that units and bring joy to the Richmond and Tri City  community. Great job guys." 

We are currently the third generation carrying on the tradition of providing great service at a great price, warranting our work and guaranteeing your satisfaction. Landlord? Realtor? We provide plumbing services tailored to property management. Whatever your plumbing needs, please contact us today for a FREE consultation and estimate. 

Master and Sons Plumbing

Master and Sons Plumbing

The Place To Be in Richmond VA.

 Special thanks you goes out to the Hilton Richmond Downtown  for their support and great accommodations hospitality and service.  This is the place to stay in Richmond, the best hotel with the best staff. The Legendary Hilton Downtown is located in the historic Miller & Rhoads Department store on Broad St. Also home to Miller & Rhoads Residences, LaGrotta Restaurante, 

1885 Café & Market, and Thirst & Fifth Lounge. 

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2019 events

Click for tickets to the Gala!

The Festival Gala!

The 1st Annual Latin Jazz and Salsa Show/Festival Gala kicks off with Live performances by "La Banda Ramirez" straight from NYC, and music curated by Dj Renzo out of DC against the backdrop of the Historic Hippodrome Theatre!  Break out your dancing shows, and finest threads for a night you won't soon forget! WEPA!!!

February Food Drive

 The team of “The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show Festival” went to Sacred Heart Church in Richmond, Virginia and donated food from our February food drive. We meet Miss Julia Maldonado from Sacred Heart Church. Thank you to Gloria Torrens-Billings, Robert Billings, Evelyn Lopez, Kawand Jasper, Mike Lebron and all the people that donated to our food drive. Thank you and God bless you. Sacred Heart Church feeds 6,000 families a year in Richmond. Thank you to Tanya Gonzalez, Father Shay and the team at Sacred Heart Church. If you want to help and contribute in the future, please contact us 804-323-0202.

August 24, 2019 The 12th Annual Latin Jazz and Salsa Show Festival

                                             "FREE CONCERT

The 12th Annual Latin Jazz & Salsa Show Festival will be held at The Byrd Park, Dogwood Dell Amphitheater, 600 S. Boulevard, Richmond, Virginia. 

March Book Drive

This year's book drive was a great success. All donations coming from all sectors of our community, including volunteers from PBS, individuals and small businesses. The donations will be given to Linwood Holton Elementary School in  Richmond  and The Children's Hospital  Arthur Ashe Books 4 Kids program.

If you want to contribute, please email

April 2019 Free Salsa Dance Classes

WOBN Oasis Broadcasting Network and The Latin Jazz and Salsa Show Festival, will be holding its first annual  free Salsa classes at:

Chesterfield County Public Library

7051 Lucy Court

Chesterfield VA 23832

Dance Instructor, Mr. Kawand Jasper,  formerly with "Latin Vintage Dance Troop" will be teaching the beginners class for teenagers.  Library patrons are welcomed too. 


Classes start @ 12:00 Noon

April 6th   Rescheduled for April 27th

April 13th  Beginners Class Dance 

April 20th Beginners Class

April 27th Beginners class


Title sponsor Big Announcement coming

This years Title Sponsor Announcement is coming in April Stay Tuned to  


Tito Puente Jr.

Melina Almodóvar

Melina Almodóvar



New York-born Tito Puente, Jr., son of the legendary percussionist, Tito Puente, has become a favorite in performing arts centers, symphony halls and jazz festival worldwide. Tito, Jr. and his exciting eight piece orchestra, explode onto the stage with a mixture of the old magic as well as some powerful new music he can call his own. Tito, Jr. combines his Afro-Caribbean rhythms, Latin Jazz and Club/Dance styles into his high voltage music. This is Latin music at its very best!

Melina Almodóvar

Melina Almodóvar

Melina Almodóvar


 “La Muñeca de la Salsa”   

Melina is a Puerto Rican salsa singer, dancer, songwriter, and entertainer. She is credited with establishing the first successful orchestra in the southern United States, Orquesta Caliente.

Melina and Orquesta Caliente were nominated for the Best New Band and Best New Artist at the 1999 Grammy awards. She is a sensational artist who has opened for Tommy Olivencia and La Sonora Ponceña!

Rafael Ortiz

Melina Almodóvar

Rafael Ortiz



 Y Su El Tumbao Urbano Orquestra

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Wanda Lopez

Kadencia Orquestra

Rafael Ortiz


“La Voz de Oro”


Wanda is a multi-talented young woman who has won over crowds with her golden voice! Wanda has studied music and she can play various musical instruments. She’s performed with great artists from her native Cuba and sings in different generes: salsa, merengue, cumbia, tecnocubia, and many more. In 2018, Wanda became the first woman and non-Mexican to win Mexico’s prestigious “A Star Is Born” contest! 

Melena Valdes

Kadencia Orquestra

Kadencia Orquestra


 “La Timbera” 


Melena is a multi-talented percussionist and educator of Afro Cuban music. In addition to being an extraordinary percussionist who can play congas, timbales, bata drums and shekere, her style reflects who she is – a woman with a fierce passion! Melena has studied with Conjunto Folklorico Nacional de Cuba (her native land) and other notable percussionists such as: Miguel “Anga” Diaz, Yaroldy Abreu, Mario Jauregul and many others. 

Kadencia Orquestra

Kadencia Orquestra

Kadencia Orquestra



Kadencia Orchestra is dedicated to conserving and promoting Afro-Puerto Rican music. They use Bomba, Plena, and Salsa to promulgate Puerto Rican culture, and educate audiences on the island’s native musical expressions. Their mission is simple – to learn about the Puerto Rican culture and music through dance! 

Friday Love



Back by popular demand is local artist Friday Love. Her roots hail from the Dominican Republic to New York and she brings fire and sassiness to the stage! Friday has developed a soulful style fusing R&B, Soul and Neo-Soul mixed with a Latin flavor, making her a unique performer and a trendsetter in .her own right>  Singing Her Smash Hit!            

"Let Me Tell You The Truth"

2019 "The Annual Jazz & Salsa Show Festival"

 The 12th Annual Latin jazz & Salsa Show Festival The king & His Court Tito Puente Jr, The Legend Continues

Son of mambo King Tito Puente . Puente Jr. carries on his father's legacy by presenting, in his performances & recordings, much of Tito Puente repertoire and his own Mombo hits. 

Performing with this year, Melina Amordoval, Wanda Lopez, Melena La Timbera, Rafael Ortiz y Su Tumbao Urbano Orqestra, Friday Love, Kadencia Orqestra. Richmond Virginia the hub of Latin jazz and salsa in the south 



 Salsa Music & Salsa Dancing inspires me everyday and I see there are so many people like me out in the world. Every time I perform my music I meet people that are addicted to salsa like me!! My story is a little different from the norm. I was born in Puerto Rico but at an early age I moved to Memphis Tennessee. It was a very hard transition for me and this is where I fell in love with Salsa music and Salsa dancing it helped me feel connected to my homeland and roots

MELENA: Conga Solo/Mi Quinto With - Los Papines

Melena, born in Havana Cuba, mastered the traditional rhythms that have traveled from Africa to Cuba, to the dance floors of America. Her Afro-Cuban sound is a conversation of melodies which she plays with fierce passion. Melena is a multi-talented percussionist who plays Congas, Timbales, Bata Drums, Shekere. She is an artist who exemplifies the sound of legendary players from the past, to the modern masters. Like Giovane Hidalgo, Mongo SantaMaria, Patato Valdez, Poncho Sanchez, Check her video

Por si acaso no regreso - Wanda López La Voz de Oro

Wanda López La Voz de Oro


Premios Latino Fama New York 2019
Premios Vive la musica 2018 New York
Artista versatil del años Latin Comunnity Awards 2018 Washignton DC
Mejor video Musical Latinos Nc 2018
Mejor cantante femieninia Latinos NC 2018
Ganadora del Concurso Nace Una Estrella 2018
Semifinalista de Ecuador tiene Talento ETT4 2015.
Semifinalista de Tengo Talento Mucho Talento 2018.

Kadencia-"La Voz del Barrio"

Check out this great video  We are Honored to have such a great family performing with us.

 A glimpse into Kadencia's debut Album "La Voz del Barrio". For more info visit 

Festival Info 2019


The 12th Annual Latin Jazz & Salsa Festival

                   FREE Concert FREE Parking FREE Event  

              “The 12th Annual Latin jazz and Salsa Show Festival”  

The king and his court” Tito Puente Jr, Melina Amordoval, Wanda Lopez, Melena La Timbera, Rafael Ortiz y Su Tumbao Urbano Orqestra, Friday Love, Kadencia Orqestra, DJ Eddy Mayorga, A tribute to our veterans and first responders. Food vendors, Community out reach programs, family-friendly event. Richmond Virginia the hub of Latin jazz and salsa in the south . WEPA !!!!

 This is longest running Latin jazz and salsa radio show and festival in the Richmond Tri-City area. 14 years celebrating our music our culture and our people. The one and only “The Latin jazz and Salsa Show Festival” 

The Latin Jazz Show & Salsa Show (aka The Latin Jazz Show) was created, and first produced on April 6, 2005 in the City of Richmond, Virginia. The founder and host "The Voice of Latin  Jazz" Luis (Sweet Lou) Hidalgo, the show aired for the first time on April 6, 2005 on WCLM 1450 AM. Miguelito “El Guiro” Lebron joined two years later and in 2009 local promoter/producer Jimmy Castro joined the staff. The show has a large local and national following.      

Johnny   Pacheco   Eddie   Palmieri   Larry Harlow     Yomo   Toro   Joe Bataan   Gilberto “Pulpo”Colon Jr.     Oscar Hernandez   El Gran Meñique   Edgar Joel     Marlow   Rosado   Chino Nuñez   Melena     Bobby   Sanabria   Giovanni Hidalgo   Lazaro Galarraga     Luisito   Rosario   Frankie Negron   Tito Nieves     Jeimy Osorio   Dave Valentin   Frankie Morales     Mari   Koga   Herman Olivera   Ismael Rivera Jr.,     Izzy Sanabria   Tito Puente Jr.     

The Latin Jazz & Salsa Show/Festival”, was created  in 2007. For the past seven years it has been held at the prestigious Dogwood Dell Amphitheater at Byrd Park in Richmond, Virginia. With the, festivals growing popularity by uniting all cultures under “The Latin Jazz & Salsa” Banner. We applied for a 501-(C) (3) non-profit status and received our Tax ID. We became something more than just a musical, cultural event. With the help of The City of  Richmond, The "Festival of The Arts Program & Office of Multicultural Affairs”, the festival has become more than a yearly event, but also a venue for community outreach and community services. This event like the music it represents, crosses all cultural lines. It has become a hub of teaching learning and exchanging of ideas. An opportunity to let the community know the services and support available to them.  
 This event has also become a meeting place where the community expects not only great entertainment but information and access to services needed throughout the area. It targets and interacts with families and community members of all ages. Where a small family owned business owner, can afford to promote their shops and business and be proud they serve the community where they live in.

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